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We invest our time and decades of experience to help small to medium size IT companies with big ideas achieve the great results they deserve.   

We engage, by invitation, to independently assess your value proposition and provide insights into your competitive positioning, marketing and sales strategies.  

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Are you an entrepreneur with an information technology offering and a vision that you want to share with the world, but you’re too small or not ready, to scale your own marketing and sales departments, or to leverage one or more of any aligned major vendor partner programs?

You’re confident in your value proposition and believe sales results can be stronger, but you don’t have the experience or cash position to hire resources as quickly as you’d like.  You and your investors are impatient to see revenue growth.  Who will you turn to for help?

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 The Winning Combination:   

Problem solved! Incremental and highly experienced sales, marketing, and partner engagement capabilities available to you with minimal up-front investment.